White Labelling

What is white labeling?

If your company is considering selling authentic wood pressed edible oil products under your name, white labeling may be a good option for you. White labeling allows you to outsource the manufacturing, sourcing, packaging, shipping and other aspects of the supply chain to us.

A white-label product is a product produced by one company (the manufacturer i.e. us) that other companies (the marketers i.e. you) rebrand as it their own. In Indian food industry, white label products are sold by retailers/marketers with their own trademark but the products themselves are manufactured by a third party having necessary information such as manufacturer details, FSSAI, etc. printed on the label. Both, marketer and manufacturer's FSSAI shall be printed on the label as per compliance. 

Your Advantages 

You can use white label brands to expand your offerings and target customers strategically; in turn, this could bolster your competitive advantage.

You can boost revenue selling our white label products at a discount relative to major national brands in the same category.

Your customers gain to have authentic, premium quality product with their more familiar and trusted brand name i.e. you!


Write to wilankar.enterprises@woodfress.com or call/WhatsApp at +91 7021097928 for more details regarding contract, minimum order quantity, prices and delivery timelines as per your custom requirements. 

Contract i.e. understanding each other's requirements and responsibilities is necessary and helps in long run. We will provide with a simple agreement for us to agree and sign.

Packaging - We are absolutely okay with packing the oils in our OR your packaging style and materials. By default, our packaging style is premium rectangular metal tins of 1L, 3L & 5L sizes. If any other material and sizes are required, feel free to provide us with your supply. 

Labelling - We are absolutely okay with labeling the oil packs ourselves with your labels making it shelf ready with Mfg date, batch etc details. Or you may choose to do it yourself at your location. 

Bulk Packaging & Shipping - to be decided and agreed upon basis the order size and your requirements. We pack 12 to 16 1L tins per box; 3 of 3L/5L per box. 

Shipping charges will be at actuals. We can book the transport for you or you may choose to go with your already registered shipping partner to pick up the boxes from our location at Taloja. 


We ensure the same premium quality of wood pressed cold pressed cooking oils which are known to the market under WOODFRESS brand. You can surely get the order wise random sampling tested with any FSSAI approved Labs for test reports to verify authenticity of cold pressed cooking oils.