Oilcakes & Pellets


Traditional oil extraction using wooden cold press i.e. Lakdi Ghani machines enables us with plenty of natural and authentic oil cakes which are fresh and rich with proteins. Peanut oil yield is around ~37% providing ~63% of raw oilcakes, similarly sunflower - 57%, safflower - 70%, mustard - 78%, Sesame - 55% and flaxseed - 70% of oilcakes upon extraction oil wood pressed oils. 

cold pressed groundnut oil

Grinding of oilcake blocks to fine powder 

We use specialized cyclone grinder to crush the raw oilcake block to fine grade powders. This process converts the hard oilcake blocks to usable powder form.

sesame oilcake powder


Our special 6mm dia pellet machine then produces well pressed pellets using the crushed powder. These pellets are of 6mm diameter and 2.5 to 3cm in length. 

sesame oilcake pellet

Usages and applications  

As per requirements, the end users can directly use the raw oilcake blocks and process them as per their own need and usage. However, when enabled in powder form, oilcakes can be used for making animal feeds of various combinations and also as natural plant fertilizer in agricultural process.

Pellets are directly used as animal - cattle feed for cows, buffalos and pigs. These are also used for goats, sheep and rabbits as protein supplement. 

Lab Tests & Reports

We had tested all our oilcake products for edibility as animal feed and test parameters printed on labels to help in understanding the various substances present in the specific oilcakes. 

sesame oilcake test reports