we don't claim Organic; WE CLAIM AUTHENTIC
We thrive for authenticity & CONSISTENCY. We don't add any other agents like anti-foaming chemicals to our oil. Pure unrefined & unfiltered oil will have some residue of fine seed particles at the base of oil can.

Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil

Wood pressed peanut oil or groundnut oil extracted in Lakdi Ghani machines carries a sweet flavor and nutty aroma of groundnuts. A very good quality cold pressed groundnut oil is made from Java Bold Red type of peanuts. 

The highest quality of wood pressed groundnut oil is achieved by using best quality of whole peanuts which are having minimum possible moisture content, non-broken seeds which are clean and free from any fungus etc. It’s smoking point is ~160 degrees Celsius and it’s a very good and healthy option for Indian cooking. 

It takes almost 3Kg of peanuts to get pure 1 ltr of wood pressed groundnut oil.

Cold Pressed Sunflower Oil

Sunflower seeds which are grown in India are naturally light bitter in flavor. Wood pressed oil from these seeds is buttery in appearance and it has shadow of that earthy light bitterness and medium nutty aroma. Its smoking point is ~232 degrees Celsius and it’s a very good and healthy oil for high heat Indian dishes and especially for deep frying. 

It takes almost 2.7Kg of sunflower seeds to get pure 1 ltr of wood pressed sunflower oil.

Authentic wood pressed sunflower oil is a natural immunity booster.

cold pressed mustard oil

Cold Pressed Mustard Oil

Mustard oil is very popular in certain parts of India, especially in northern and eastern region states. This oil is known for its spicy flavor and very distinct pungent aroma. If the best quality wood pressed oil tin is opened, the first whip of smell overwhelms our senses. Such powerful punchy pungent aroma is only possible when the oil is extracted from quality cleaned black mustard seeds in a lakdi ghani.

The slow process of crushing the mustard seeds in wooden chamber slowly releases its spice and strong pungent aroma and the pure oil captures it all. This cannot be possible with a mass produced expeller based oil production, mostly called as ‘kachi ghani’ or ‘kacchi ghani’ sarso oil.

It takes almost 5.5Kg of mustard seeds to get pure 1 ltr of wood pressed mustard oil.

cold pressed safflower oil

Cold Pressed Safflower Oil

If you want a specialized yet most healthy oil for deep frying, then wood pressed safflower oil is the answer. This cold pressed oil has a very high smoking point of around 270 degree Celsius. And at the same time, safflower oils is considered as neutral oil, meaning this oil won’t overpower the flavor or aroma of your recipe. This oils is ideal choice for your baking recipes as well.

Safflower seeds are having very hard shell and few oil manufacturers use them as it is in expeller press machine for extracting the oil. Along with degrading the oil quality due to heating in expeller, it also brings in more impurities of the shell. This impurities in the oil causes excessive foaming of cold pressed safflower oil when heated for deep frying.

It’s always advisable to first decorticate the safflower seeds and then use them in wooden cold press i.e. lakdi ghani machine for oil extraction. The oil yield is less in safflower seeds, requiring almost ~3.5kg of de-hulled safflower seeds for a 1 ltr wood pressed safflower oil i.e. kardi or kardai oil. The overall cost also gets increased due to de-hulling and then pressing.